Seville Flexpack Corporation is a converter leading the way in the innovation and development of sustainable, high performance, low cost flexible packaging. With our advanced technology, we have a wide range of initiatives to make the world more green.

Our packaging initiatives include:
  • Thinner gauge packaging materials
  • Solvent free laminations; no gas or heat is used to dry adhesives
  • Up-Right™ pouch fabrication
  • Fast Seal™ coatings to reduce energy consumption
Our manufacturing initiatives include:
  • Our newest facility was built with high intensity flourescent fixtures and added insulation to substantially reduce energy usage and costs
  • Our solvents are reclaimed by using our solvent recovery units, and are reused in the plant operations, reducing the amount of new solvents purchased
  • Our oxidizers are controlled by sophisticated computers to reduce natural gas consumption, as well as remove volatile organic compounds from our printing presses so only clean air reaches the atmosphere
  • All of our used pallets and end boards are recycled
With our packaging and manufacturing expertise, we have helped numerous companies reduce their carbon footprints. We are uniquely qualified to do the same for you.

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