How can you lower the cost of your
packaging material?

By Jay Yakich
VP Marketing

By leveraging the advantages of flexible packaging, you will be able to reduce your packaging costs.

Areas to consider include:
  • Eliminating header cards
  • Integrating pressure sensitive labels
  • Using bags instead of boxes
  • Converting from bottles to pouches
Header Cards - Incorporate the header card into the package itself and recognize lower material costs along with higher production speeds.

Pressure Sensitive Labels - Print directly on the package versus applying a label to the package.

You can realize substantial savings including:
  • Eliminating label material and application costs
  • Maximizing production speeds
  • Removing label orientation challenges
Bag In Box - Shifting the packaging from a box to a pouch can increase ergonomic appeal, increase sustainability and lower overall costs.

Bottles - Changing from bottles to film offers you thinner gauge materials and the ability to lower your costs while increasing the sustainability of your package.

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