UP-RIGHT™ Pouches Are Leading
the Way to Sustainable Packaging

By Jay Yakich
VP Marketing

Has the push to meet your Retailer mandates forced you into time consuming strategy sessions? Is the growth plan more about retaining shelf space versus growing market share?

Your success has now created an interesting dilemma; How do I grow market share, maintain shelf space and meet both internal and external sustainability objectives? Oh, and did I mention reduce costs as well?

Many companies are now struggling with all of the above. Retailers' score cards* denote 9 categories relative to supplier packaging requirements. Before you try to get your arms around this, consider that there is a single factor that can positively impact 6 of the 9 categories - weight! In addition, a reduction in packaging weight can decrease your overall costs and provide an innovative way to differentiate your product at the POP.

Few alternatives can "change the game" like Seville's UP-RIGHT™ pouch. Areas to consider pouches include cans, boxes and bottles. Remember when coffee actually used to come in cans or granola in boxes? Including Seville's UP-RIGHT™ pouches in your branding can deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced Packaging Costs
  • Increased Production Speeds
  • Increased Retailer Shelf Space
  • POP Differentiation
  • Enhanced Sustainability
Would you like to receive a sample of Seville's UP-RIGHT™ pouches that have led to a sales increase and at a lower overall cost? Click on "Send a Sample Now!" below.

*Pouch Sustainability Case Study

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