Stop Your Production Now!!!

By Jay Yakich
VP Marketing

Nothing could be worse for a manufacturer.
  • Check. You have created market demand.
  • Check. The operations team is able to leverage internal efficiencies
    in order to produce your product at a profit.
  • Check. Your suppliers have delivered all of the raw materials.
  • Check. You have allocated valuable machine time in order to form,
    fill and seal (FFS) your product.
  • Check. Operators are staffed and production is started.
  • Check Mate. Your packaging operation screams to a halt because your
    flexible film is not running properly.
Although film is one of the many variables within your operation, it is also one of the most important. Minimizing its importance can be a recipe for disaster. Examples include:
  • Operators spending valuable time cleaning the FFS jaws
  • Print missing / distorted at retail level
  • Unexplained intermittent shutdowns during filling process
  • A completed package begins to fall apart (delaminate)
  • Shelf life is minimized considerably as product seals fail
  • Final product integrity is impacted by odor migration
Over the past 30 years, Seville has addressed every one of the above, with results that have positively impacted a customer's bottom line. If you would like a detailed analysis of your packaging environment , click "Site Assessment" below. We will provide a cost free analysis with a quantified ROI as a deliverable.

Site Assessment

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