Cold Seal in a Hot Market!!

By Jay Yakich
VP Marketing

Are you looking for a proven way to increase your operating efficiencies? Today, more than ever, it is to your advantage to consider cold seal technology on your flexible packaging material. It can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

What is Cold Seal?

Cold seal allows you to close your flexible package simply by applying pressure when your product is being packaged. A registered pattern cold seal is pre-applied to the substrate, providing an alternative to heat seal on many products such as ice cream, chocolates and candy, to name a few.

Not only does cold seal allow you to increase your production speeds, it also allows you to form a finished flexible package without the costs and challenges associated with heat seal technology.

How would it benefit me?

Quantifiable benefits resulting in a positive ROI include:
  • Faster Filling Cycles (up to 4x more yield)
  • Minimized Waste (leakers, deformities...)
  • Increased Operator Safety
  • Minimized Startup Times
  • Improved Package Performance
  • Lower Utility Costs
  • Higher Machinery Uptime
OK, I'm interested. What is the next step?

Click on "Site Assessment" below. We will provide a cost-free analysis of your packaging environment with a quantified ROI as a deliverable.

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