Make those 3 Seconds Count!

By Jan Drzewiecki
President and COO

How much thought have you given to how you package your product? What is different about your packaging that makes the buyer say "YES!" to your product in 3 seconds or less? That's the average time a buyer takes to make a purchasing decision.

What has your packaging supplier done lately to help your product be the winner in that 3 second window?

With our new revolutionary technology, we can make your product the winner. We understand our packaging is your billboard to drive increased sales.

As hard as we drive ourselves to bring revolutionary technology to you, we can also drive the sales of your product with up to 11 colors of printing, solvent free laminations, and new and improved sealing materials. You see, our equipment is designed to deliver exceptional value to you.

As the economy revs up, we have the resources to help you build your sales. Because when all you get is 3 seconds to make a sale, we understand that the packaging says it all.

In a world where consumers are tuning out of mainstream media channels, and tuning into their portable media players, mobile phones, or social networks, lots of advertising is going unnoticed. The truth is, the package is becoming the last remaining opportunity to sell your product!

Make those 3 seconds count!

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