What's New at Seville

By Jay Yakich
VP Marketing

Welcome to the first edition of the Seville Flexpack Corporation Newsletter, dedicated to enhancing your flexible packaging. You are receiving this as your position indicates that you may have an interest in Increasing the Sales or Decreasing the Costs of your products flexible packaging.

This newsletter will focus on methods that improve the deliverable and subsequently increase your own profitability. The newsletter will be sent out on a quarterly basis, in a simplistic format (1 page), with a focus of detailing accepted methodologies that you can leverage towards a positive ROI.

When possible, we will reference an existing account and industry as well as providing quantifiable results.

Next issues article ("Cold Seal in a Hot Market!") describes the process of using cold seal and the related benefits.

Future articles will include:
  • Sustainability How to meet mandates and at what cost?
  • Rotogravure When would it make sense and what's the payoff?
  • Alternative Materials How to reduce costs without sacrificing performance?
  • Sell more product now! Ideas that differentiate your product at the Point of Purchase.
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