Hide-A-Winnerô Promotional Packaging

Seville developed this patented game technology to eliminate the need to drop game pieces into the packaging as the product is filled. The game piece is embedded directly into the packaging material through the use of registered coatings which are registered to the design. The consumer simply cuts the game piece out of the packaging material to reveal if they won a prize.

This unique process technology is a winner! It allows you to:
  • Keep your packaging machines running at top speed since you don't have to slow down to drop in a game piece
  • No longer pay for wrapped game pieces since they no longer come in contact with the product
  • Eliminate the rental cost of pick and place machines
  • Insure every package has a game piece
In a world of more and more consumer choices, what a great way to differentiate your product at the point of purchase!

Sell More with Seville's Hide-A-Winnerô!

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